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Dental insurance and unexpected dental bills

Dental Insurance: The TRUTH

Will my dental insurance cover the dental work? This is the most common question we get asked regarding dental insurance. Most people think they know what dental insurance is, but they have many misconceptions about it. Unfortunately, these...

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Justin Trudeau Jagmeet Singh coalition

[2022] Free Dental Care in Canada: The Complete Guide

If you are wondering if free dental care is available in Canada, you have come to the right place.

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COVID Mouth: The Profound Effects of COVID on Oral Health

Relationship between Oral Health and COVID There is a link between oral health and overall health! For example, COVID-19 patients with gum disease...

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Dental Fee Guides Determine Dentist Prices in Canada

Dentist Prices in Canada are from Dental Fee Guides

Dental Fee Guides Determine Dentist Prices in Canada Online resources for Dentist Prices and Dental Fee Guides are Confusing! You can spend hours on...

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How much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth? A single wisdom tooth removal costs range from $193 to $597, depending on how impacted the tooth is....

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Top 11 Warning Signs of a Bad Dentist and How to Avoid the Traps

If you're looking for a new dentist, it's essential to do your research to find someone honest, knowledgable, skilled and reputable. Learning how to...

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Unnecessary Dental Procedures by Bad Dentists

Avoiding Dentist Scams and the 11 Unnecessary Dental Procedures

Unnecessary dental procedures are by far the most common and most costly of all dental scams. Any person who learns how to avoid unnecessary dental...

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Dental Costs Differ Between Different Dentists, But Dental Prices Do NOT!?

DENTIST PRICES and DENTAL COSTS: Finding Affordable Dental Care

Let's start with the shocking truth: Dentist prices do not differ much. However, your dental costs will vary greatly depending on which dentist you...

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OHIP Dental Coverage and Free Dental Care Ontario in 2021

OHIP Dental Coverage and Free Dental Care Ontario in 2022

Who gets OHIP Dental Coverage in Ontario? OHIP dental coverage is a type of free dental care in Ontario for all Ontario residents.

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Alberta Health Services

[2022] Free Dental Care in Alberta: The Complete Guide

If you are looking for free dental care in Alberta, you have come to the right place.

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[2022] Healthy Smiles Ontario: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for free dental care in Ontario for your child, the Healthy Smiles Ontario Program may be what you need. Eligible children and...

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A Dental Office is the Safest Place during a Pandemic

A Dental Office is the Safest Place during a Pandemic

When it comes to catching COVID, people are safer at a dental office than in their own homes!

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COVID-19: San Francisco 1918

COVID-19 in Ontario: 7 Principles for a Safe Journey to Normal

Other countries are returning to normal, other provinces are returning to normal... When is Ontario returning to normal? Will we return to normal or...

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Team Work to defeat Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Will Do Better if We Act Together

The number of people that will die in Canada is within OUR control!!! If we ALL act TOGETHER with compassion towards each other, the impact on YOUR...

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Root Canal Costs: Reduce Your Costs before getting started

Root Canal Cost: Save Money, Time and Frustrations

Root canals have a bad reputation. When a dentist says “You need a root canal”, the most common response from a patient is :( We searched the...

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Sedation Dentistry: Overcome Dentist Fear with the 4 Levels of Sedation Dentistry


Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Dentist fear is very common, you are not alone! Are you considering a dental procedure that scares you like a...

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Dental Costs: Keep it simple: Save time and money

DENTAL COSTS: Avoiding Unnecessary Dental Work

Most people trying to save on dental costs go about it the wrong way. They look for a “deal”, which lands them in a “business dentist office” as...

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The Best Dentistry is no Dentistry

BEST DENTIST is the one you do NOT need!!!

Let’s face it, no matter how awesome your dentist may be, there are many other things that you would rather do with your time and money. Ideally, the...

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Thumb Sucking Teeth

Thumb Sucking and Thumb Sucking Teeth

Q: WHY DOES THUMB SUCKING OCCUR? A: It's a natural process! We are genetically programmed to have a sucking reflex, without it infants would not be...

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baby teeth chart, baby teeth order

Baby Teeth Order and Baby Teeth Chart


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baby bottle tooth decay

BABY TEETH: Important or Not?

There are only two body parts that are DESIGNED to be lost: the umbilical cord baby teeth Some people MISTAKENLY believe that because baby teeth...

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Fluoride in Water. Fluoride bad for you.

Fluoride in Water, Fluoride Toothpaste, Fluoride Dangers...

Fluoride: Is it Good or is it Bad for us? Should I use it or avoid it? If you Google “fluoride good” you will get about 21 million results. If you...

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Don’t Kill your Teething Baby with Poisonous Teething Remedies

Everything you need to know to help you and your teething baby all in one place written by expert dentists. 1. TEETHING BABY REMEDIES THAT KILL:...

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my kids dentist: preventing decay while pregnant | Smile Care Dental

DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN: Preventing Dental Problems in Children

Everything you need to know to prevent dental problems in children in one place! At every stage of a child’s life there are things that you can do...

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Painless Dental Work. Painless Root Canals. Smile Care Dental in Cambridge.

Dentist Office Near Me or Dentist Near Me?

Should you be Choosing a "Dentist Office Near Me" or "Dentist Near Me"? Are you searching for a dentist office near me? Almost everyone else is...

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Be informed, find the best dentist near me. It will save you time and money.

Invest Time to Find a Dentist. It will save you time and money!

Firstly, it is critical to realize that different dentists are different. Most people do not realize this and find a dentist based solely on...

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Best Dentist: Knowledge differs between different dentists

Qualities of The Best Dentist: Knowledge, Skill and Excellence

YES, different dentists are different, it is human nature to be different. The level of knowledge, skill and dedication to excellence a dentist has...

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Best dentist is a dentist with compassionate integrity | Smile Care Dental

The Best Dentist: Is the Dentist's Heart in the Right Place?

YES, different dentists are different, it is in human nature to be different. BUT, what qualities in a dentist make a difference in the care that a...

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Corporate Dental Clinics: Unnecessary Dental Procedures are Hazardous to Health

Too Many Cambridge Dentists is Hazardous to your Dental Health!

Isn’t it great all the choices you have in choosing a Cambridge dentist? Well, brace yourself for a shock: Having too many choices of a Cambridge...

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Choosing the Best Dentist Near Me

How to Find the Best Dentist Near Me (no matter where you live)

This is the quickest way (a few minutes) to find the best dentist near me, no matter where you live. In fact, this is the quickest way to find the...

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NOT the Best Dentist: How to Avoid an Unethical Dentist, How to Avoid an Unlicensed Dentist

NOT the Best Dentist: How to Avoid Unethical and Unlicensed Dentists

When it comes to your dental health, making the right choice is crucial. Unlicensed dentists pose significant risks, but unethical dentists can be...

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Cambridge Dental Clinic: Smile Care Dental: Most 5 Star Reviews

Cambridge Dental Clinic with Most 5 STAR Reviews

A Cambridge Dental Clinic, Smile Care Dental, has more 5 STAR reviews on Google than any other office in Cambridge, Kitchener or Guelph: How did we...

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Dental Emergency Information from Emergency Dentists

Dental Emergency Information from Emergency Dentists

Information from an Emergency Dentist or your next-door neighbour? Google tries to give you what you want. You search “emergency dentist”, but...

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Save Time at the Dentist - Smile Care Dental

Dentist Near Me

Why do you want a “dentist near me “? Convenience of course! You want to save time! Time is something everyone seems to lack these days.

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You Don’t Need to Floss! or Do you?

1) No Need to Floss Anymore, Replace Your Floss with a Rinse! OR 2) Brush and Floss to Keep Dental Problems Away

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Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 6.49.30 PM

TRUTH IN DENTAL INFORMATION: Like all truths it is hard to find!

The food tastes so GOOD, so why is it BAD for us? Well… the foods around us are designed to appeal to our senses not to our health. “Where the...

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