Dental Work While You Sleep

Sleep Dentistry Service at Smile Care Dental in Cambridge

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Smile Care Dental has been providing sleep dentistry and ALL levels of sedation dentistry since 2001 at the same location by the same dentists and medical specialists.

You may have dental anxiety OR you may need a dental procedure you have been putting off OR maybe your child is unable or unwilling to co-operate with the dentist.

You may have convinced yourself that sleep dentistry is the only way. It may be, however chances are that our compassion, kindness and tender loving care will help you relax and get the dental work done comfortably without the need for sleep dentistry. Our patients have shared exactly this type of experience on Google:
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And this is not just the experience of 1 patient, we in fact have over 200 similar 5 star reviews:
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Getting the needed dental work done for patients who "can not tolerate the dentist chair" is EASY we have been consistently and successfully doing it since 2001.
Our goal for our patients is greater, we will not only get the dental work done safely and comfortably for you.

We Can Help You Conquer Dentist Fear: How?

1) We will assess how severe your dental anxiety is.
2) We will assess the type of dental work that you need.
3) You will always have our compassion, understanding, empathy and tender loving care.
4) Our office offers all the methods that modern medicine has available today to help you overcome your fears. The method(s) used for you are tailored to your specific needs:

  • sleep dentistry
  • sedation dentistry
  • Oral sedation
  • nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • I.V. sedation
  • conscious sedation
  • deep sedation
  • general anaesthesia = sleep dentistry

If needed we will use a combination of these methods to ensure your complete comfort. 

5) Every visit will be safe and comfortable, we will earn your trust with each visit and your need for sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry will decrease. We customize the Level of Sedation as your trust and comfort level increases, so that one day you will be able to have dental work done fully awake without the help of Sedation Dentistry! 👍😀 This process works on the well established principles of desensitization from psychology where it is used very successfully to overcome all sorts of phobias such as spiders, snakes, flying, needles...

Most people are nervous about getting dental work done. Children sometimes are unable or unwilling to have needed dental work done.

We understand your fears and concerns. No matter how fearful you are, we will work with you to ensure your total comfort at each and every visit.

Do not let your dentist fear prevent you from getting the care you deserve. If you are apprehensive about your dental visit, contact us online or or call us to discuss your options.

We look forward to meeting you and starting with you on your path to overcoming dentist fear.