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Dental Emergency Information from Emergency Dentists

Dental Emergency Information from Emergency Dentists


Information from an Emergency Dentist or your next-door neighbour?


Google tries to give you what you want. You search “emergency dentist”, but Google can not distinguish between misinformation and the truth (although Google has been getting better at this) so Google gives you the most popular information labelled “emergency dentist”.

Anyone can post anything on the internet so popular does not mean helpful.


If you want the information you get from the internet to be helpful: search for the truth.  To find the truth, filter all the information you consume using two tests:

  • Test for expertise
  • Test for bias

 Dental Emergency- Information from Emergency Dentists


Test for expertise means find out who wrote the information that you are consuming. Is the person who wrote the information an expert on the topic of “Emergency Dentist”. The problem is that most of the information on the internet does not specify the author. Hmmm…you might think no problem I will just click on a dentist’s website. Well, did you know that over 90% of dental websites are written by a marketing company without any input of a dentist!


The solution to getting expert information regarding “Emergency Dentist” information is below. The information below has been written by emergency dentists: Dr. Adam Szymczak and Dr. Joanne Baldos. They are husband and wife dentists with over 40 years of combined dentist experience. Dr. Joanne’s list of accomplishments includes providing emergency dental services for University of Toronto and Toronto General Hospital. Dr. Adam has worked as an emergency dentist for Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. The conclusion here is that you are getting advice from expert emergency dentists and not from your next door neighbour and not from a dental marketing company.


Test for bias is easier. Is the person providing you the information somehow benefiting from you believing that information, for example by selling you something? For example if you are in need of an emergency dentist and you read an article about how an emergency dentist can be replaced with a Do-It-Yourself dental emergency kit and then tries to sell you that kit, maybe you should think twice before buying it.


Dr. Adam and Dr. Joanne are just providing helpful information. If you are unable to get to an emergency dentist, here are helpful tips in managing your dental emergency until you can be seen by an emergency dentist.



Searching “Tooth pain” on the internet will get you A LOT of useless results, it will waste your time and money while prolonging your suffering. The first page of search results for tooth pain includes:

  • gels and toothpastes for tooth pain??????????
  • Rinsing with warm salt water???????????
  • applying paste, made from garlic clove and salt, to the throbbing tooth??????
  • clove oil to numb the pain???????
  • PLUS other useless advice at the top of the search results for “Tooth pain”

Dental Emergency Information from Emergency Dentists 

As expert emergency dentists we know, that besides a placebo effect, these will not help

you with your toothache.

Stop wasting your time and money.

Get advice about tooth pain from expert emergency dentists>>>


BROKEN TOOTH: The internet is full of information from poor source.

Get advice regarding a broken tooth from expert emergency dentists>>>


SWOLLEN FACE: Do you have the expertise to sift through all the misinformation on the internet to get to the truth? Save yourself time.

Get advice regarding a swollen face from expert emergency dentists>>>


KNOCKED OUT TOOTH: No time to waste.

Get advice regarding a broken tooth from expert emergency dentists>>>


In the best interest of your health and well-being,

Dr. Joanne Baldos and Dr. Adam Szymczak

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