Root Canal Treatment: ENJOY!?

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Smile Care Dental Difference for Root Canal Treatment:

  1. We will weigh ALL Root Canal Costs (financial and others) against the benefits. We will consider root canal vs. extraction and decide with you the best course of action.
  2. IF you need a root canal we will ensure your complete comfort. Most people get root canal therapy with dental freezing only, however, should you need it our office offers Sedation Dentistry and Sleep Dentistry so that you feel relaxed throughout the root canal treatment. Your method of sedation ( IF needed) is tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Experience matters! The greater the experience of your root canal dentist the higher the success rate: your are less likely to experience problems before, during and after the root canal treatment. Dr. Adam Szymczak has completed over 3,000 root canal procedures. 
  4. Many dentists talk about how great your experience will be but do they deliver on that promise? In patients' own words on Google Reviews, the best dental office to have your root canal procedure is Smile Care Dental: 

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Pain Free!

" Went in for a wisdom teeth extraction, and a root canal. I can honestly say I was beyond anxious before booking the appointment. Dr. Adam and his amazing Assistant Chastity(sorry if it's spelled wrong) were both extremely understanding. They took their time, explained everything to me. The teeth probably took less time coming out than it took to freeze my mouth. The root canal was done on a prior visit and again very professional. No complication for either procedures. Great experience for someone who has avoided the dentist for at least 10 years. Thanks to Dr. Adam, Dr. Joanne, and their staff. Great job all around."

Root Canal Treatment is Enjoyable!

" Adam and joanne are by far the best dentists. Adam did my root canal and made it the easiest process for what the operation is. The assistant chassidy was really helpful and fun too. Thanks for the continuing amazing service from all of you. Best dentist by far! 😊"


Root Canal Procedure: Loved it!

" Couldn't ask for better customer service as well as overall experience of cleaning and the fixing of my root canal from a previous dentist has been great. Highly recommended - they go above and beyond. Thank you very much"

Wisdom Tooth Pain be GONE


" In my opinion, the two worst procedures, extraction of a wisdom tooth and a root canal. Feeling very nervous about having them done, but in the end, no pain whatsoever. They make you feel very relaxed and at ease. They explain every step. Would definitely recommend Smile Care Dental to anyone looking for a dentist."

Root Canal Therapy Painfree

" I put off going to the dentist too long, ended up with a fractured molar and needed a root canal. Dr. Adam and Chastity were great! I'll be going here from now on."


Best Root Canal Dentist

" I wish there was an option to give six or seven stars. I want to thank Dr Adam and his staff for the great work on a root canal this morning. I have had three done before this one elsewhere and today's visit was like day and night by comparison. I am a difficult case when it comes to roots as my jaws don't open very wide and freezing is usually a big problem. By his combination of professional experience and innovation everything was a breeze and I can get back to my other duties without the usual full day of recovery after a root canal. I thank Dr Adam and highly recommend his work and the great experience of visiting Smile Care Dental in Cambridge."

Root Canal Therapy is a breeze

" I went in for a root canal, first time ever. I was super nervous and a little freaked out. They patiently explained to me what would be happening during the procedure. Also they talked to me about what they were doing as they were working on me. I was so relaxed and comfortable I actually fell asleep in the chair. The dentist did an amazing job. Looks like a brand new tooth! I have been to many dentists and I am glad I was told about this one. Also they are excellent with children. I would recommend this office to all. 5 stars!!"

Root Canal Procedure is Comfortable

" They all made me very comfortable. I needed a root canal and due to circumstances I had to bring my 1 year old grandson with me. They were all wonderful in helping keep him occupied for the 1.5 hour experience. I will definitely be going back for my regular dental visits :)"

Root Canal Recovery

" After staying away from dental visits for way too long I found Smile Care Dental and after an emergency root canal with Dr Adam and follow up visits with Joanne I am extremely happy with the advice and work carried out so far. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a practice that goes above and beyond expectations."

Best Root Canal Dentist

" The staff at Smile Care Dental are always friendly and professional. My most recent visit was for a root canal on a molar. I had always thought that a root canal was not a nice procedure but I really wasn't sure what to expect. They explained everything and took the time to listen to me and to answer my questions. There was no pain at all! Thanks Smile Care Dental!"

Root Canal Specialist

" Stellar customer focus provided by all the staff. Everything was throughly explained during my root canal step by step and I felt very at ease. All the reception staff are very helpful as well. I would highly reccommend Smile Care Dental to anyone! :)"

Wisdom Teeth Dentist

" My family and I have been under the care of Dr. Adam, Dr. Joanne and their great team for over 15 years. It has been consistently great service. Amongst my family we have had every possible procedure done: cleanings, fillings, cosmetic work, root canals, crowns, gum grafts, bone grafts, implants, wisdom teeth removal, dental work asleep... all done by the amazing team of husband and wife dentists Dr. Adam and Dr. Joanne. How convenient!- everything we needed or wanted done in one place. I am very particular about my teeth. All the procedures were done once, never had any problems and are still holding up. Quality means Longevity, if you are looking for quality dental work Smile Care Dental is the place for you to be."


You will not find another dental clinic with so many 5 STAR reviews.


You will not find another dental clinic with so many 5 STAR reviews regarding root canal treatment.


Do not take chances when it comes to root canal procedure, choose a dentist and dental office with a proven track record!