Wisdom Teeth Removal PAIN FREE

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Smile Care Dental Difference for Wisdom Teeth Surgery:

  1. Did you know that experts now say NOT to remove your wisdom teeth? At your wisdom teeth consultation we will carefully weigh ALL the wisdom teeth removal costs (financial and others) against the potential benefits of wisdom teeth surgery and help you choose what is right for you. The shocking truth is that more than half the people who end up getting their wisdom teeth removed did NOT need to have them pulled in the first place!
  2. IF you need your wisdom teeth removed, we will ensure your complete comfort. Our office offers ALL the methods of Sedation Dentistry and Sleep Dentistry has to offer so that you feel relaxed and be pain free throughout the wisdom teeth surgery. Your method of sedation  ( IF needed) is tailored to your specific needs; this approach will minimize your costs.
  3. Safety First! We have medical specialists, not dentists, that are in charge of Sleep Dentistry at our office. We have worked with the same medical team since 2005! These medical specialists have and amazing track record and they are in leadership roles in the anaesthesia community: teaching, supervising and regulating other anesthesiologists.
  4. Experience matters! Dr. Adam Szymczak, the dentist that removes wisdom teeth at our office, has over 20 years experience with wisdom teeth surgery. Dr. Adam has removed over 3,000 wisdom teeth!
  5. Many dentists talk about how great your experience will be but do they deliver on that promise? In patients' own words on Google Reviews, the best dental office to have your wisdom teeth removed is Smile Care Dental: 

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Pain Free!

" Went in for a wisdom teeth extraction, and a root canal. I can honestly say I was beyond anxious before booking the appointment. Dr. Adam and his amazing Assistant Chastity(sorry if it's spelled wrong) were both extremely understanding. They took their time, explained everything to me. The teeth probably took less time coming out than it took to freeze my mouth. The root canal was done on a prior visit and again very professional. No complication for either procedures. Great experience for someone who has avoided the dentist for at least 10 years. Thanks to Dr. Adam, Dr. Joanne, and their staff. Great job all around."



Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cambridge

" Such a great place! I would highly recommend Smile Care Dental. I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled and everything went so smooth and before I knew it one tooth was out. “That was it” was my comment to Dr.Adam and Chastidy. They were both so great at walking me through the whole procedure. I get very anxious when I have to get a tooth pulled and these two made it a walk in the park! Thank you for such a great experience.


Wisdom Teeth Removal ONLY when needed

" I have not ever looked this forward to writing a review for a business before. I have been to several dentists internationally and this has been by far the best dentists I have visited. I had pain near my wisdom tooth and called in and was immediately given an appointment to have it looked at. The staff acted extremely professionally and Doctor Adam diagnosed the issue within minutes; he is an extremely knowledgeable dentist and only recommends procedures if they are absolutely required. I felt truly cared for and look forward to travelling to Cambridge from Toronto for their services."

Wisdom Tooth Pain be GONE


" In my opinion, the two worst procedures, extraction of a wisdom tooth and a root canal. Feeling very nervous about having them done, but in the end, no pain whatsoever. They make you feel very relaxed and at ease. They explain every step. Would definitely recommend Smile Care Dental to anyone looking for a dentist."

Professional Wisdom Teeth Removal

" Very professional care! I enjoy my visits to the dentist. My hygienist Liz is fabulous! My daughter had her wisdom teeth out and she received such professional care. Thank you so much!"

Wisdom Teeth Extraction with Laughing Gas


" Got my 2 top wisdom teeth pulled out and I thought it was going to be so bad and painful but I can say it was a great experience I didn’t feel a thing with being numbed and laughing gas. Both Dr Adam and chasity are such friendly people and also calm you down with some jokes. Will definetly be recommending smile dental to anybody’s dental needs"

Painless Wisdom Teeth Surgery

" Dr. Adam Szymczak and Chasity where so amazing in the removal of my wisdom teeth. They made my visit and surgery fast, positive and most of all painless. Great work keep it up. I highly recommend Dr. Adam Szymczak to all."

What wisdom teeth surgery is like


" I had a wisdom tooth extracted with no gas or sedation, although I went in very nervous; they made me feel very comfortable. It went much better than I anticipated and quicker too. As someone that grew up with terrible dental experiences and it scared of the dentist I can not say enough good things about this office. They are kind and very compassionate."

Wisdom Teeth Recovery

" I had my wisdom tooth surgery here and it was an enjoyable experience, which had started with the receptionist (Kacey) who is very kind and helpful and then dental assistant (Chas) who explained everything very well and got me calmly prepared for the surgery, and finally Dr.Adam who is very professional, experienced and skillful. I got recovered after hours and next day I went back normally to work, Thank You All 😊"

Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out

" Dr. Adam is an amazing dentist. He removed all four third molars recently and I had a great experience. He is kind, caring and gentle. Also, Liz is the best hygienist I’ve ever had! I’m now a life time client and completely recommend anyone looking for a professional dental service to visit Smile Care Dental."

Wisdom Teeth Dentist

" My family and I have been under the care of Dr. Adam, Dr. Joanne and their great team for over 15 years. It has been consistently great service. Amongst my family we have had every possible procedure done: cleanings, fillings, cosmetic work, root canals, crowns, gum grafts, bone grafts, implants, wisdom teeth removal, dental work asleep... all done by the amazing team of husband and wife dentists Dr. Adam and Dr. Joanne. How convenient!- everything we needed or wanted done in one place. I am very particular about my teeth. All the procedures were done once, never had any problems and are still holding up. Quality means Longevity, if you are looking for quality dental work Smile Care Dental is the place for you to be."

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

" The best dentists my family and I have ever been to. The office is nice and the dental hygienist is just great. Both Dr. Joanne and Dr. Adam are amazing. No pain or problems with my son's wisdom teeth extractions and Dr. Adam took the time to explain the procedure and the options. They are very professional and truly caring about their patients."

Wisdom Teeth Aftermath

" This office is totally different from any other big commercial brand dental office. They really care about patients and always provide the best opinion. I had my wisdom teeth removed here, surgery went amazing. Dr. Adam and his assistant are the best. Highly recommend this office!"

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost" I highly recommend this place to everyone!
I just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and it was a great experience. The staff were friendly, funny and very helpful. The procedure went faster than anticipated and was a better price than anywhere I had looked into.
This is a great dental office. If you're looking for a new dentist, look no further.
There's a reason I drive from Toronto to Cambridge to see these guys. They're fantastic."


You will not find another dental clinic with so many 5 STAR reviews.


You will not find another dental clinic with so many 5 STAR reviews regarding wisdom teeth removal.


Do not take chances when it comes to wisdom teeth surgery, choose a dentist and dental office with a proven track record!