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How to Find the Best Dentist Near Me (no matter where you live)

How to Find the Best Dentist Near Me (no matter where you live)

This is the quickest way (a few minutes) to find the best dentist near me, no matter where you live. In fact, this is the quickest way to find the best of any service you may be looking for: 

  • Google Search,
  • Google Reviews,
  • Google Filters,
  • a little bit of understanding of how Google works,
  • and a little bit if common sense

STEP by step process to find the best dentist near you, combining these 4 powerful tools:



1) Type “best dentist near me” into the Google search engine. 


best dentist near me: google search

Unless you took steps to not share location information, Google knows approximately where you are so the results should be relevant to your current location. If in fact you did take steps to not share location then either share your location information OR add the town name in your search query e.g. best dentist near me Cambridge Ontario

Google search engine tries to give you what it calculates to be the information you are looking for, but Google does not know you. Google has no way to determine who is the best dentist so it makes an educated guess, like you do, using the available information. Furthermore, Google gets paid by companies to put information in front of your eyes so it will take a few more steps to find the best dentist near me.


2) Click on “More places” at the bottom left corner of the part of the page that will look  something like this:

best dentist near me: Cambridge Ontario

Google does not have a foolproof way of knowing who the best dentist near you really is. After all, Google is programmed by people. How Google decided which 3 dental offices to display here is mostly a mystery, no different than the mystery of how people make choices. NO ONE in the world, except for Google, knows how Google decides what they put in front of your eyes; although many claim and pretend that they know. So you need to do a little more digging, it will pay off!


3) Click on “Rating” and choose “4.5 and up”

Find best dentist near me

As far as finding the best dentist near you, any office below a 4.5 star rating is not the best dentist clinic near you; this step filters those dentists out.


4) Ignore the Dental Clinics where “Ad” appears to the left of their rating.

best dentist near me: skip the ads

The ONLY reason these dental clinics are displayed at the top is that they are paying Google to be displayed there when someone searches: best dentist near me. It is honorable of Google to be upfront about its bias.


5) Choose the 3 dental clinics with the highest number of reviews.


best dentist near me: filtered results 4.5+

Scroll down the 20 dental clinics on this list and pick the 3 that have the most reviews: the number in brackets to the right of the stars. The number of reviews is more important than the rating because the greater the number of ratings the greater the accuracy of the rating. The best dental clinics have at least 100 Google reviews.


6) Of the 3 dental clinics chosen the best dental clinic is the one with the highest overall rating.

(the number on the left of the stars, in the example below 4.9)

number of reviews: best dentist near me


7) Optional: Look at Reviews for Your Specific Procedure

IF you are looking to have a specific procedure done as oppose to finding the overall best dentist, YOU SHOULD take an extra step: See if the dental office that you chose has 5 STAR reviews regarding the specific procedure:

Click on the name of the dental office. Then click on " Google Reviews"

Google Reviews: Smile Care Dental

A window will open up with all the reviews:

Find Best Dental Clinic

Google has analyzed, all the reviews for a particular dental clinic, for common words (as seen above eg. "hygienist"). Click on the "+" above to show all the words in common in the reviews:

Best Dentist Google Reviews

Now you know if patients are happy and talking about the procedure you are looking for.

You can also use the same process to choose any other best service you are looking for. For example, “best restaurant near me”. Go through EXACTLY the same 7 steps above. Using the two powerful tools of public opinion and the Google search engine you will get the quality service you are looking for.

We have family and friends all over the world: Canada, US, Europe and Asia. Some patients move away to faraway places. So we get asked: How do I find the best dentist near me? The above steps are reliable and efficient ( less than 5 minutes) in finding the best dentist near you, but it has their limitations:

  • you are only considering dentists that have a profile on Google
  • the reviews are only from some, NOT all patients of the dental clinic
  • some dental clinics resort to manipulative techniques to improve ratings
  • you are relying solely on the public opinion of a dental clinic

To make your process of choosing the best dentist “bulletproof” we recommend to our family, friends, and patients to:

  • double-check with other websites such as Facebook and RateMd: where you can search for a dentist by specifying the name of the city/ town you are in 
  • 7-step process of choosing a dentist near me>>>>

Choosing a dentist is not an easy task. It can be confusing with all the choices available. The above steps are extremely effective in choosing the best dentist near you no matter where you live.


In the best interest of your health and well-being,

Dr. Joanne Baldos and Dr. Adam Szymczak

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