Average Dental Costs: Dentist Scams and Unnecessary Dental  Treatment

Posted by Dr. Joanne Baldos and Dr. Adam Szymczak on Feb 2, 2020 9:30:26 AM

Are you like most people and think that all dentists charge the same?



Are you like most people who want to find an “affordable dentist near me” so you call “dentists near me” for dentist prices and discounts?


DON’T Be a Fool!


Your Average Dental Costs, the amount you will pay on average for your dental care per year, depends more on which dental office you go to more than anything else!

The biggest dentist scam is unnecessary dental treatment by business dentists.


Unneeded dental treatment not only wastes patient’s time and money, it also causes less dental health!


In Jan. 2020, Dr. Adam Szymczak and Dr. Joanne Baldos conducted an in-depth analysis of 351 dental clinics across Canada involving over half a million patients. The results were shocking!


Average Dental Costs in Canada



Average dental costs in Canada differ

HUGELY between Different Dental Clinics!

  • dental costs vary HUGELY: from $193 to $1650 per patient per year!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IF you are a patient at the “least expensive” dental clinic you will pay $1,930 over a 10 year period for your dental care

  • IF you are a patient at the “most expensive” dental clinic you will pay $16,500 over a 10 year period for your dental care

  • that’s more than an 8 times difference between the least and most expensive dental clinic!    ( a 750%+ difference!)

  • 50% of dental clinics overcharge by doing unnecessary dental treatment: a dentist scam

The BIGGEST factor responsible for these huge differences in the average dental costs in Canada between dental clinics is that 50% of dental clinics do unnecessary dental treatment!


Dentist Scams and Unnecessary Dental Treatment

Dentist Scams and Unnecessary Dental Treatment

Is your dentist a “business dentist" or a “doctor dentist”?


A business dentist will recommend and perform as much dental work as you will allow him/ her to do, no matter what impact that has on your dental and overall health.


A business dentist asks you to “Open wide”, looks around and recommends all the things that “Can be done”. Get ready to “Open wide” your wallet!


That’s why business dentists’ average dental costs are so high! You end up with many more dental procedures than you actually need.


In contrast, a doctor dentist attentively listens to your concerns, carefully examines your mouth and reviews your medical history. A doctor dentist asks a completely different question: “What should be done?”. Carefully weighting the advantages and disadvantage of ALL options including DOING NOTHING, this results in LESS treatment recommendations.


A doctor dentist recommends and performs only needed dental treatment, treatment that will benefit your dental and overall health. That’s why a doctor dentists’ average dental costs to you are MUCH lower than from a business dentist.


Every dentist knows about the problem of Unnecessary Dental Treatment, patients remain unaware! Dr. Carlos Quinonez, a University of Toronto professor, published the results of his “over-treatment” study in 2018:

  •  “some dentists may not be placing the needs of the public ahead of their own interests”
  •  a dentist that has loans is 175% more likely to be more aggressive in treatment recommendations!
  • younger dentists are 106% more likely than older dentists to be more aggressive in treatment recommendations!
  • AND the list goes on with other disturbing findings…


It shouldn’t matter how much financial pressure a dentist is under to a patient’s average dental costs, but it does!


It is the patients that pay for a dentist’s mismanagement of his/ her own finances!


Avoiding Top 10 Unnecessary Dental Treatments

Avoiding Top 10 Unnecessary Dental Treatments

50% of dental clinics recommend and perform unnecessary dental treatment on a daily basis!


Unnecessary dental treatment not only wastes patients’ time and money, it also reduces dental health as NOTHING is healthier than a natural tooth!


A patient is at a disadvantage when discussing dental treatment with a business dentist as the dentist knows more and makes it make sense. This “information asymmetry” between a patient and the dentist results in 50% of patients ending up with unnecessary dental treatment, a dentist scam.


Even out the information gap and understand why certain dental procedures should and should not be done. Here are the TOP unnecessary Dental Procedures used in a dentist scam:


1) Teeth Veneers Strip Away Precious Natural Enamel

Dental veneers are a cosmetic dentist’s first choice in “improving” smiles. A business dentist promotes dental veneers as they are the most profitable type of dental treatment.


Patients are attracted to the before and after photos and the quick results, within 2 weeks you can have a new smile.


What a patient never sees is the DURING treatment photos with the enamel stripped away from the teeth!


What a patient never gets told is that veneered teeth have a higher chance of tooth decay, gum disease and fracturing/ chipping compared to natural teeth.


Business dentists talk about veneers as if they last forever, but the reality is that they need to be redone every 10-15 years! That’s a HUGE cost over the lifetime of a patient!


A business dentist’s average dental costs are higher.


Dental veneers are a doctor dentist’s last choice in improving smiles.



2) Dental Crowns Destroy Teeth

Most dentists will tell you that a tooth with a large filling needs to be crowned because the tooth is at risk of fracturing. This thinking is outdated and comes from an era of silver fillings.


Modern dental fillings bond to and re-enforce the remaining tooth structure, unlike silver fillings that just sit inside the tooth by friction, hence the need for dental crowns is reduced.


A dental crown should be done only if a tooth is at risk of fracturing IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT WILL NOT BE FIXABLE. Chewing teeth ( molars and premolars) with root canals are at risk of fracturing down into the roots and as such should be crowned.


Front teeth, root canal or not, are not strengthened by crowning them: do NOT crown them!


Dentists are having a tough time letting go of this outdated concept, in fact business dentists have invested over $100,000 ”Dental crowns same day” machines. Guess who is paying for those machines through higher average dental costs?



3) Teeth Cavities Can Reverse!

Every dental school in North America teaches that a tooth cavity that is in the first layer of the tooth ( in tooth enamel) can be reversed with improved oral hygiene and exposure to Fluoride in toothpaste.


Over 50% of dentists abandon what they learn in dental school and will drill and fill these areas of “incipient decay” (the technical term for the initial cavity formation). This condemns the tooth to be re-drilled every 10-15 years as fillings do not last as long as natural tooth structure.


“Incipient decay” that is reversed is more resistant to getting a cavity than the original tooth structure as such you will never need to have your tooth drilled!


A business dentist will drill teeth cavities that can reverse on their own.

A business dentist will drill discoloured areas of the tooth that used to be cavities, but will never be a problem.

People pay a business dentist to damage teeth!

This is why a business dentist’s average dental costs are higher.



4) Unnecessary Replacement of Fillings

Replacing previous dental fillings is the most common treatment that a dentist performs because once you get a filling in a tooth, you are MORE prone to get another cavity compared to a natural tooth!


Please brush and floss to prevent tooth decay. Only your own natural teeth can last a lifetime.


A dental filling needs replacement IF the filling fell out, IF a cavity formed around the filling and IF there are fractures within the tooth next to the filling.


A business dentist will replace dental fillings because they are: silver, old, discoloured, breaking down… NONE of those reasons benefit your health, in fact it harms your teeth.


A business dentist just creates dental work out of a no problem which increases your average dental costs.



5) What’s with all the dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays should be taken only if it makes a difference in what will be done or how it will be done.


It is routine for a business dentists to take X-rays for reasons that have nothing to do with your dental health such as “your insurance will cover it.”


Another disturbing trend in dentistry are CT scans. Dental CT scans expose you to about 100 times more radiation than a single dental X-ray. The technology is amazing, but always ask how does getting a CT scan benefit you: Will it make a difference in what is done or how it will be done?



6) Dental Bridge Should NEVER be done!

A dental bridge is an ancient technique to replace missing teeth.


The installation of a dental bridge requires grinding down the surrounding teeth into stumps!


Dental bridges will eventually cause the loss of the supporting teeth because of overload and inability to keep the bridge clean.


If you are missing a tooth, the best option is a dental implant. The next best option is to do NOTHING. All other options such as dental bridges and partial dentures will SPEED UP the loss of your teeth!



7) Gum grafts are a Cosmetic Procedure

Gum recession on a tooth is like a wrinkle on the face in that it is more common with age and it is cosmetic.


Gum recession is NOT a disease. Gum recession does NOT lead to tooth loss!


Gum grafts do NOT make your teeth healthier!


Business dentists will promote that you get a gum graft and will make it sound that it will make your tooth/ gum healthier, your dental costs will be higher!



8) Wisdom Teeth

Experts NOW say NOT to remove your wisdom teeth, but business dentists are refusing to listen because average dental costs to you will decrease. Read more:




9) Dental Implants

A dental implant is the next best thing to your natural tooth.


Natural teeth are better than dental implants! Save your tooth, if you can.


When a dentist says “your tooth is not fixable”, he/ she means “I can not save your tooth”. Get a second opinion!


A business dentist is quick to get rid of your tooth as replacing your tooth is the most expensive option increasing your dental costs.



10) Orthodontics is a Cosmetic Procedure

Getting your teeth straightened improves the way your smile looks.

Getting your teeth straightened does NOT make your teeth, gums or jaw joint healthier!


A business dentist will talk about your bite and teeth as if you had some disease that needs correcting: they will say that you have a deep bite and/ or overjet/ cross bite as if they were a disease, convincing you that you NEED the teeth straightened.


Orthodontics is a cosmetic procedure not a health procedure. If you are getting your teeth straightened make sure you understand the only reason for it: COSMETICS.


Save on dental costs and don’t get your teeth straightened if you think you are doing it to improve your dental health.


SUMMARY: Lowering Your Dental Costs



There is a 50% chance that your average dental costs are excessive.


Excessive average dental costs means you are getting unnecessary dental work ( dentist scam) by greedy business dentists.


Avoiding business dentists and their number one dentist scam of unnecessary dental work is by far the best way to reduce your average dental costs.


Find a doctor dentist and avoid a business dentist. A doctor dentist is the best dentist for your health.


Learn about the dental work that has been recommended to make sure you are not getting unnecessary dental work.


Your average dental costs can be lower, find a doctor dentist- a dentist that has your best interests in mind.


More information on this topic:

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In the best interest of your health and well-being,

Dr. Joanne Baldos and Dr. Adam Szymczak

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