CURRENT STATUS of Smile Care Dental in the Pandemic 

We are seeing patients in person for ALL treatment. If you want a dental appointment give us a call at 519-740-3884 OR email us at OR fill out a contact form online.


As part of the "new normal", you will be asked to fill out the COVID-19: Patient Self-Screening Form when booking an appointment.


Chronological Response of Smile Care Dental to the Coronavirus Pandemic




Disheartened by the scene at the grocery store of people being in a state of panic and hoarding toilet paper, bottled water and disinfection products; we made the following post on our Facebook page in an effort to unite our communities in the battle against COVID-19:


COVID-19: Be compassionate: ONE Family

The " FAMILY RULES" is a poster in our living room.


2) March 15, 2020: The Decision to Temporarily Close Smile Care Dental


On Sunday, March 15 at 5:29 P.M., ALL Ontario dentists have been “strongly recommended” by health authorities to suspend ALL non-essential dental services due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


The health and safety of our patients have always been, and will always be our highest priority. As such on Sunday night March 15, to save lives, we immediately suspended all non-essential dental services. ALL appointments with Smile Care Dental were cancelled.


We will re-open when complete health and safety can be assured. 


There was some initial confusion in the middle of March about dentists working or not working, let's clear up the confusion: 

  • Dentists who worked past March 15, providing non-emergency treatments, have demonstrated a lack of social responsibility putting at risk the well-being of patients, staff and the community. A dentist MUST put a patient’s best interests first, above and beyond ANYTHING else!

  • If a dentist was still recommending you to see him or her for anything other than a TRUE DENTAL EMERGENCY, they are putting you, your family and our community at risk and working against Public Health recommendations!


3) Starting May 11:


We are seeing patients in person, but ONLY for emergency and urgent dental care. In addition, we are helping patients remotely. This allows us to contribute to the battle with COVID-19 by making sure dental emergencies do not burden hospital emergency departments.



As per the direction of the Ontario Chief Medical Officer and the Emergency Order by the Ontario government only essential services are being provided.


If you have a “regular dental appointment” with Smile Care Dental it has been cancelled.


If you are experiencing a dental emergency and we are closed for the day please text our emergency dentist on call at 416-271-9075 with your name, date of birth and the details of your emergency. In the mean time, please read the dental emergency information.


STAY HEALTHY and safe. We are all in this together.


Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted by COVID-19