Dental Implants

Cambridge Dentist: Dr. Adam Szymczak

Dr. Adam Szymczak is a general dentist with a practice focus on implant, reconstructive, asleep and surgical dentistry. He graduated with Honours from University of Toronto's Doctor of Dental Surgery program in 1997


Upon graduation, he was hired by Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where he worked as a dentist and completed the highly sought after postgraduate general practice residency program receiving  training in multi-disciplinary treatment, sedation, surgery, and implant dentistry.


Dr. Adam has been providing sedation and all aspects of dental implant treatment since 1998.


In 2001, Dr. Adam Szymczak along with with wife Dr. Joanne Baldos, became the owners and operators of Smile Care Dental in Cambridge and have been providing a full range of dental care services.


If you are thinking of becoming Dr. Adam's patient you can view more detailed information HERE.